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My sister Erika just got married and moved to Illinois.

This is particularly notable because Erika and I grew up in Alabama. Lower Alabama, also known as L.A. We eat boiled peanuts in L.A.

I think she is experiencing a little bit of culture shock. There aren’t any boiled peanuts in northern Illinois.

There is corn. Miles of corn. Corn as far as you can see. And very few trees.

Anyway, back to the culture shock. She’s currently living in a very rural area of Illinois. We didn’t grow up in a big city, but it was a city. The city was surrounded by cotton and peanut fields, but we didn’t get out to see them much. In northern Illinois, you can’t miss the corn fields.

So, Erika’s experiencing north-south culture shock and suburban-rural culture shock at the same time.

The other day, while visiting the nearest town, she observed this unusual combination.

You might be a redneck if you transport your mower in a trailer behind your ambulance.

You might be a redneck if you transport your mower in a trailer behind your ambulance.

We can just imagine the scene. Man is dying.

Paramedic: “I’m sorry you’re having a heart attack. Just breathe deeply and think calm thoughts while I unhook this trailer and move my lawn mower.”

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  1. LOL! Lots of cornfields in Illinois, that’s for sure. My mom grew up in Colfax. We drove to see the family grave plot one year when we were up there. You could tell where the next town was by the tiny little grain elevator on the horizon. Otherwise…..corn.

    Can’t really tell what he’s hauling. The ambulance driver undoubtedly has southern relations. He may have been en route back to the staging area when he saw a great deal in someone’s front yard. “Hey Earl! Stop the vehicle. I need me one o’them ridin’ mowers and look – it even comes with a trailer!” Or, “Hey Bubba – lookee there! I bet some fool broke his laig while 4wheelin’ and now he’s sellin’ the whole kaboodle. Let’s take a look see!” LOL! Definitely not your everyday drive home visual.

    Comment by Gail Kappenman — July 7, 2010 @ 10:52 pm

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