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I finished my master’s degree in May, then spent most of the summer traveling. As the summer ended, I started looking for a job about the time that my friends went back to their studies and teaching job. I missed the classroom, missed the fun of talking about classes with fellow students, even missed reading long assignments and writing essays. It was almost impossible to find a job that even remotely interested me.

As I contemplated this situation, I realized that my status as a student has become part of my identity. I’m a shameless academic, and even if I never go back for a Ph.D., even if I never return to the classroom, I will always be an academic.

So I’m starting this blog, partly to celebrate academics and learning for the sake of learning. I’m also documenting my transition out of life as a full-time student. For now, at least, I’m finished being a student, but I hope I never stop learning.

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