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Have you heard about Wolfram Alpha? If you haven’t, you should definitely check it out! It’s a new search tool that uses massive databases to give you useful information. If you’re looking for data or statistics, this looks like a great place to go. Need to solve a math or science problem? Wolfram Alpha is much better than a calculator.

I’ll be in Rothenburg ob der Tauber for one day this summer, so I tried punching that in. It shows me a map, gives me the population, local time, temperature, etc. Lots of great stuff, all on one page.

However, when I tried “history of Rothenburg ob der Tauber,” Wolfram Alpha told me that it does not support Latin.

I don’t support Latin either. Oh well.

I think the name “Wolfram Alpha” is funny. But I also think it looks like a useful tool, one which I will use in spite of the funny name and the obvious prejudice again Latin!