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After Kirchberg, we had to drive to Slovakia. It’s a long way to Slovakia, so we spent the night in Prague. It was a terrible trial, and we suffered greatly, I assure you. We especially suffered during the several hours when we went sight-seeing in Prague.

I love sight-seeing in Prague, but I can’t say that I love Prague as a whole. There’s a lot of dirt in Prague, and a lot of scary people. And it took three different keys for me to get into my hostel room. Three keys! I can’t decide whether that makes me feel very safe (No one’s breaking into my room!) or freaked out (Why on earth do we need three different keys??).

But still, it’s Prague. It has lots of shopping and old buildings, which make me happy. I wish I had a good picture of the market where we did most of our shopping, but I was too busy shopping to take pictures. Funny how that works . . .

I do have obligatory pictures of the astronomical clock, the St. Charles bridge, and a church. There’s also a picture of the cafe where we had pizza for supper. It was a nice day.

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I finally have internet tonight,  but it’s midnight, and I just traipsed all over Prague. So, I think that I need to go to bed instead of writing a post about our journey. Tomorrow we have our first opportunity to sing in Slovak. Guess what we’ll be saying in the vans on the way out of Prague? “I za mna Ježiš prelial krv . . .”

Today, I realized that I don’t know Czech. We’re not talking the “I don’t know the language except for how to say hello, my age, order a meal,  find the bathroom, and generally carry on conversations as if I were a 2-year-old.” No, that’s how I don’t know German.

Seriously, I don’t know any Czech words. Well, except for one.


It means icecream.

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