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Have you heard about Wolfram Alpha? If you haven’t, you should definitely check it out! It’s a new search tool that uses massive databases to give you useful information. If you’re looking for data or statistics, this looks like a great place to go. Need to solve a math or science problem? Wolfram Alpha is much better than a calculator.

I’ll be in Rothenburg ob der Tauber for one day this summer, so I tried punching that in. It shows me a map, gives me the population, local time, temperature, etc. Lots of great stuff, all on one page.

However, when I tried “history of Rothenburg ob der Tauber,” Wolfram Alpha told me that it does not support Latin.

I don’t support Latin either. Oh well.

I think the name “Wolfram Alpha” is funny. But I also think it looks like a useful tool, one which I will use in spite of the funny name and the obvious prejudice again Latin!


My google reader list is growing.

It started out with just a few news feeds and some other odds and ends. I deliberately kept it simple because I was in grad school and didn’t have time to peruse many articles each day. Also, I knew my weakness. If the articles were there, I would read them. Unfortunately, I was not getting graded for keeping up with my Google reader.

Now all that has changed. I’ve been deliberately expanding my subscriptions to fit my interests because I’m trying to use my feeds as motivators: if I see articles about a topic every day, I should be more likely to pursue my own activities in that area. Thus, I’ve subscribed to personal finance, cooking, and fitness feeds.

A few weeks ago I added Photoshop feeds. Those entries usually get starred for later use, since I rarely wish to take the time to actually do the tutorial right then. Today I added some Flash feeds. Yesterday it was interior design.

The problem is that as I add more feeds, I follow more links, add more feeds, repeat. And I star more entries because I “don’t have time to follow up on it now.” But will I ever?

There is so much wonderful information out there, and I want to touch it, read it, use it. It’s tantalizing.