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I’m not allergic to peanuts, but it seems like this article from the NYTimes would be good news for anyone who is allergic to them.

I found this older article from Freakonomics amusing. The “complications” of doing a double-blind study involving God made me smile. Of course, Christians don’t need a study to tell us that prayer works, but it’s interesting to think about anyway.

Sometimes I like Peggy Noonan’s stuff, and sometimes I don’t. I liked this article, and not just because hedgehogs are cute.

Speaking of hedgehogs, if you like to sew, you might like this free pattern for a hedgehog softie from LollyChops.

That’s all for now.


Last week as part of my cleaning-out activities, I made a post about my Firefox tabs. I thought I might do that again this week, as a quick way to share interesting things. (more…)


I just wrote a post about procrastination, and at the end I gave myself an assignment. I have to clean out my Firefox tabs (which means read them, save them, or somehow act on them, and eventually close them). To prove that I’m doing this, I’m going to write notes about my tabs. I’ll also share links to the sites so that you can read the interesting stuff and add to your tabs collection. (more…)