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I thought that this Boundless article on the seven deadly sins was a good reminder that we must live the Christian life in the same way that we were saved–through faith in Christ’s power to save us.

When I heard that some people were so bothered by John Mackey’s article about healthcare that they were calling for a boycott of Whole Foods, I knew that the article must be interesting. When I read it, I was pleasantly surprised to recognize some of the ideas that we talked about when we debated the health care issue back in undergrad.

Finally, I have two fascinating articles from Newsweek, about how our handedness and language may shape our perceptions. I want to do more reading on this topic!


Below are links to some articles I have read recently. Of course I don’t agree with everything contained in these articles, but they are interesting nonetheless.

John Piper on voting and living

John Conchrane for Opinion Journal: Is now the time to buy stocks?

Camille Paglia on Obama and Palin

Robert George on when life begins

BBC article about Google Earth’s model of ancient Rome

Report that RSS feeds aren’t used nearly as widely as I had thought

Cal Thomas on school choice

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