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Last week as part of my cleaning-out activities, I made a post about my Firefox tabs. I thought I might do that again this week, as a quick way to share interesting things.

Hound of Heaven

I was reading a book that referenced this classic poem, and took the opportunity to read it again. It was a good reminder.

Free recipe cards!

Adorable! I printed a page in every color. Now it’s time to go look for some recipes to put on them!!

Butterfly Project

I really want to do this project. I’m sure I could find the necessary papers, but I don’t have the butterfly punches. Now sure if I want to buy them just for this project. I’m hoping that I can make a template out of cardboard and use it instead (though the punch would be easier). We’ll see.

Obama’s Rhetoric is the Real ‘Catastrophe’

‘Public Interest’ Lawyers say Leave the Homeless to Rot

I’m hoping to write a post about this, so I’ll save my comments for that.

Colors Palate Generator

Cool! I bookmarked this, and plan to use it soon!

Rice bag feet warmer tutorial

I’m not sure when my mom started making us rice socks, but during the winter, I am practically a rice sock addict. When I was a kid, I slept with stuffed animals. Now (when it’s cold), I sleep with my rice sock. I like this tutorial because it’s prettier than my sock, and because I could take off the decorative sleeve and wash it (not possible with my sock). Now I just need some fabric, rice, and enough courage to try to change the thread on my sewing machine. I’m new to this sewing thing . . .

God Comes to Hollywood

Somehow, I don’t think that the sinful Hollywood culture is going to crumble overnight, but just the same, I’m glad to see people celebrating good films!

Now I really, really want to learn how to sew.

No, that’s not what the blog post is called. But that’s how I feel after reading it. The barcelona skirts are so cute!! I really need to get to know my sewing machine. (sigh. After I master all the other myriad subjects I’m interested in!).

Public Relations 101: What Not to Do

The article says that this Muslim man who allegedly beheaded his wife owned a TV “station aimed at countering stereotypes of Muslims.” If that was his goal, he officially failed.


This article about nutella reminds me that I haven’t eaten any in a while. I love it on crepes.

Eating in can be just as bad as eating out

Rats. It looks like I have no other option than to eat healthy stuff. Sadness. So much for my nutella crepes.

The end

So, I planned for this post to have my tabs from all week, but it’s only Tuesday, and this is already getting long. Maybe in the future I’ll try to organize my links by subject or something. Let me know what you think!


  1. What do I think? I think you have very eclectic tastes and interests! =) But I can’t really talk, can I? I love you!

    Comment by Tim — February 22, 2009 @ 3:52 pm

  2. I have to agree with your husband! However, I can’t talk either because I have pretty random interests myself! I did enjoy your comment about the Muslim man. I had read the article and thought very much the same thing! And I put the “hound of heaven” on my reading list. Maybe we should compare opinions! Keep writing!

    Comment by bookworm — February 26, 2009 @ 3:47 pm

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