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I thought that this Boundless article on the seven deadly sins was a good reminder that we must live the Christian life in the same way that we were saved–through faith in Christ’s power to save us.

When I heard that some people were so bothered by John Mackey’s article about healthcare that they were calling for a boycott of Whole Foods, I knew that the article must be interesting. When I read it, I was pleasantly surprised to recognize some of the ideas that we talked about when we debated the health care issue back in undergrad.

Finally, I have two fascinating articles from Newsweek, about how our handedness and language may shape our perceptions. I want to do more reading on this topic!


  1. I think Gary’s insight in the Boundless article is excellent. “In Climacus’ mind, [gluttony and patience] are the true test of piety.” It’s true, even within the world today.

    For instance, my wife was an MK in Brazil, and has commented to me how different their Christian standards are. There, they overlook adultery as a relatively minor offense, but if you lose your temper in public, you are a BAD person. Here in America, it’s generally the other way around. In the worst of cases, our pastors and deacons can stab each other in the back with impunity, but should they fall into adultery, they have immediately and permanently lost their usefulness in God’s kingdom. Not that I would downplay either sin – I would say that they are both very serious offenses, and offenses for which God implemented a very serious (and fully efficacious) solution. Moreover, they are sins in which we ALL stumble in some fashion.

    So I don’t disagree with him, rather I would say that all cultures have their ‘pet sins.’ How twisted we are. Good thing we have the Spirit’s illumination and the Bible’s inerrancy to guide us rather than fallible traditions.

    Comment by Ben — August 25, 2009 @ 3:59 pm

  2. Thanks for these observations. I’ve been frustrated by the tendency that I see in myself and others to downplay certain sins when in reality, all sin is serious.

    Comment by Ashley — August 25, 2009 @ 5:15 pm

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