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Like the rest of us, you are probably looking for ways to save money right now. The internet offers lots of resources, but let’s face it–not every “money-saving” website actually helps you save money. So today I thought I would make a list of money-saving websites that I have actually used (and found helpful).

Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping involves finding prices for the same (or similar) items at multiple stores and it is an important first step to saving money online. The internet has made this much easier, since you can find prices from lots of places without leaving your desk. This step is important because you won’t know when you’re getting a good deal unless you know what your options are. Why should you pay $129 when you could have the exact same item for $119?

If I want a particular item, I usually start by doing a Google search for it. Once there, I like to use the Google shopping tab to compare prices. There are other sites specifically devoted to price comparison, but I usually pick whichever one is conveniently located at the top of my Google search. This is one time when I actually follow the Google ads.

eBay is a great place to comparison shop. I especially like to look at completed listings so that I can see how much items actually sold for. When I’m looking for a book, I almost always check Amazon (which also has reviews).

Don’t forget the regular retailers! Most of them have websites, and those websites provide lots of great information. I would look at Walmart, Staples, Home Depot, or other similar websites to get ideas before making a major purchase. Even if you prefer to buy from a store (not online) you can gather information, models numbers, and prices before you encounter a salesperson.

What are you looking for in this all this searching? Prices, of course, but also make and model information, colors, features, and customer reviews. Saving money could mean getting an item for a better price, getting another item that works better for you, or getting a better model for the same price.

More to Come

I originally intended to write about comparison shopping, discounts, buying used, and not buying all in this post, but it was just too long. So I decided to make this a series, and I will write about discounts tomorrow. In the mean time, what are your favorite places to comparison shop? I would love to hear how you find the best prices.

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  1. Would also like to see a post about sites that share ideas on how to save money…more around monthly bills than comparison shopping.

    For comparison shopping, don’t forget and .


    Comment by saving-money-with-bill — November 1, 2008 @ 12:37 pm

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