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Everywhere I turn, people are urging me to replace my old bulbs with the newer fluorescent bulbs. You know, the swirly ones that will supposedly save you lots of money on your electric bill.

If the new bulbs really do save lots of energy (read: money), that’s great. In fact, we use them in our house. But some places, they just don’t work. And sometimes, I just don’t want fluorescent bulbs, even if they do save money. Sometimes, I think that their light gives me a headache.

I’m fine with people using the fluorescent bulbs, but I am not ok with the government outlawing incandescents. It is not ok for the government to tell me what kind of light bulb I can use!

Today I was delighted to see this article by Howard Brandston, a lighting designer. He mentions that fluorescent bulbs do not always live up to the claims about them, and simply may not be best in every circumstance. He thinks that people will be dissatisfied with their lighting.

He’s right, at least as far as I’m concerned. I’m dissatisfied with fluorescent bulbs. They are fine for certain purposes, but I want to keep my options open.

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